Touche à Tout ensures the full commercial cleaning services for small and medium size businesses. For your company, we will do the following:

  • dusting of desks, chairs and other furniture of your business premises;
  • vacuuming and cleaning all floors;
  • washing and disinfection of all washrooms and kitchens;
  • careful cleaning of all telephones;
  • and a thousand other little tasks

Your office will be spotless, really clean and welcoming for your employees; the quality of the working environment will really be highly improved. Guests and visitors can easily notice the cleanliness of your premises and your reputation will emerge up!



Touche à Tout is also offering you a residential house cleaning service.

  • dusting all the furniture in your home;
  • Vacuum all floors, carpets and rugs;
  • systematic cleaning of all kitchen surfaces;
  • washing and disinfecting bathrooms;
  • thorough washing of all floors

Our teams work with you to guarantee the careful maintenance of your residence. With Touche à Tout, your home will shine like a new penny!

Touche à Tout is offering you even more:

  • thorough washing of windows;
  • stripping floors;
  • great spring cleaning and regular visits to fit your schedule.
  • carpet cleaning.

Our teams can also proceed to the general household cleaning for new homes after construction or newly renovated homes, before the arrival of occupants.

For a complete and professionnel service, Touche à Tout must be contacted!