Founded in 2007 by Christian Latendresse and Irene Von Kanel, Touche à Tout Company’s mission is to provide personalized and thoughtful maintenance services. For this dynamic couple, who has extensive experience in business, corporate reputation is precious: commitment and respect for the customer are very reassuring for their many long-time clients.   Christian and Irene work as a team with their customers and make customer satisfaction their number one priority. From their first year of operation, they have demonstrated a profound dedication and pride in work well done.

Over the years, Touche à Tout has maintained a superior service and developed a large clientele in the greater Laval and Montreal regions as well as Montreal North Shore and the Laurentians. The company is managed in full compliance with insurance rules, “CSST”, “Le Comité paritaire de l’entretien des édifices publics” as well as with government regulations.


Touche à Tout surrounds its clients with that additional little human touch and special attention that makes all the difference. They definitely represent an added value to the special relationship that they develop with customers. A happy customer gives spontaneous references and it makes Touche à Tout know a development and expansion of which the owners are very proud!

Customers currently served include private residences, travel agencies, dance halls and karate, etc. Touche à Tout is also serving small business customers: bank branches, dentists, lawyers’ offices, clinics opticians, notaries, accounting firms, real estate agencies, educational institutions, medical and veterinary clinics, etc. This clientele requires a very high level of confidentiality and security. The measures adopted by Touche à Tout fully meet this need.

Deep cleaning of living and working spaces allows Touche à Tout to remove all traces of dirt and mold, eliminating any forms of allergies and sources of discomfort. In addition, a range of fully biodegradable cleaning products are offered to customers. This environmentally friendly choice indicates that Touche à Tout shows respect to the environmental values of its customers.

Rates are affordable and honest, always made to measure, according to the specific needs of each client. Submission is free and without any obligation.